Monday, June 17, 2013

Pallet Fence

I have been in need of some kind of fence or barrier around my air conditioner for some time now.  I decided to use pallet wood to make it.  First thing that needed to be done was to deconstruct the pallet and remove all the boards from one side and put them all on one side to resemble a picket fence.
The next step is to dig a trench so that the fence can sit down into it for stability.  Once it is sitting level, I added a porch post at the corner both for interest and also to have something to attach the sides to.
And from the side:
Then, add a grapevine wreath to the front along with some brackets.  Stay tuned for either some hanging flower pots or solar lights hanging from the brackets.
I am very pleased with it's rugged, shabby charm!  What have you made with a pallet lately?

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