Friday, September 2, 2016


I found a toy box sitting out for the trash and one of my sons helped me load it into my Jeep.  Some of the screws holding it together needed to be reinforced and it needed to be cleaned up, but other than that it was in good shape.  Plain and ordinary, but in good shape.  It had a decorative rim around the top of the lid on only 2 sides, so I removed it.  I didn't take any before photos, but let's just say it was white and uninteresting.  I wanted to keep it gender neutral, so I chose a creamy yellow to paint the bead board sides and front to make the detail of them stand out a little bit better.  I mod podged an old map to the top of the lid.  It turned out pretty sweet and sold right away!

It is sitting on a rolling dolly that I use to move it around (it is heavier than it looks, lol) - it does not have wheels on the bottom, although in hind sight, that might have been kind of cute!  Maybe next time!  Not too bad for another curb side find!  It is now ready to be filled with toys instead of ending up in the trash!

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