Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Couple of Shabby Projects

First up is an old tool box that I painted and distressed and filled with flowers.  I like to change out the flowers to match the season or the holiday.  It started out like this:

After some painting and distressing with fall flowers:

Here's a close up:

To go along with this, I wanted to make something to cover my fireplace when it was not in use.  I just didn't like the idea of a big, black hole staring at me every day.  I used pallets to make a shabby board which I also painted white and distressed.  I intend to hang different wreaths on the front of it which will also coordinate with seasons and holidays.

Sorry, this wreath is not finished yet, I just wanted to get a feel for the size I needed.  I'll be showing you different views of it throughout the year.

How about you?  If you have an old tool box, what do you use it for?  I've seen a lot of different uses for them.  And, if you have a fireplace, do you leave it open all year, fill it with candles or other decor, or find something decorative to cover the hole?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upcycled Picture Frame

Here is a little project that I made for my grandson using an old picture frame that I found collecting dust in my basement.  I cleaned up the frame and painted it.  Then I added some coordinating scrap book paper for the background.  I painted the frame two colors (orange and baby blue).  Next, I wanted to add a colored binder clip so that either a photo or a drawing that my grandson made could be inserted.  The clip allows the photo or doodle to be changed out often and easily.

 I used an orange paint pen to write his name across the bottom.  I then printed out a little circle describing the frame's purpose.  Here is a close up of the clip and note:
 I presented this to my daughter to celebrate the adoption of her little boy who is a real cutie.

This is a quick and easy gift for birthdays, adoptions, a new baby, or for yourself!  It was fun to make as well.