Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dollar Store Vinyl Signs From Fence Posts

On a recent trip to the Dollar store, I found some vinyl stickers that I thought might make some great signs.  I headed to the hardware store to purchase fence posts - they are rustic like pallet wood but without the hastle of all the nails!  I had the hardware store cut them for me.
Next, sand and paint them -
Paint a few!
Carefully apply the vinyls - smooth out starting in the middle and working your way outward.
Try some other colors too.  For this one, I started with a grey color and then painted white on top to give it a barnwood kind of look.

They look nice and weathered!
Why not do a bunch?

Have you tried using fence boards to make signs?  Do you prefer them over pallets like me?  I will be posting soon about another project using fence boards!

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