Saturday, August 13, 2016

Message Boards

From my last post on my "Hexagon Dog Bed", I mentioned that I took the doors off of the table to use them for another project.  Today's post is about the message boards I made from them.  When I took the doors off, the BACK side of the doors had an indent in the top and bottom which automatically spoke to me as a message board.  My thought was a chalk board on the top and cork board on the bottom along with embellishments.  Here is what I started out with:

I filled the holes from the hinges and the door pulls with wood filler and sanded it.  I love how there is even a slight arch at the top!  Next, I painted it completely with black chalk board paint.

To both chalk boards, I added some cork board on the bottom half and stenciled it in white to add some charm.  To the first chalk board, I added a fun metal basket that I found at Hobby Lobby.

To the second one, I added some knobs and a metal hook that I already had on hand.

I was thinking about a clever way to hang them and thought that a chunky, rusty hinge would work perfectly -

They turned out SO cute!  Not bad for leftover doors from a previous project - especially when said previous project was a free curbside find to start out with!  Needless to say, they are SOLD!

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